Good Grief

I’m pretty sure no one will get through life without experiencing some type of grief. Normally, I associate grief with the loss of a loved one, but there are many types of grief. People can grieve for a number

Hard Wired

Why is our brain wired for negativity? I've heard before that negativity is the wrong with the human race. I believe it to be true. We tend to naturally find fault in the most simplest of things like the bread is dry or the water is too warm. Why can't we be


"Just act normal." "Why can't you just be normal?" Normal.  It seems like a simple word, but it has great depth. Likely each person strives to be normal just to fit in; and normal looks different for each person depending on the stage of life. One thing that is constant is

Finding the Joy

Life is difficult and each of us will experience a season in life when joy seems unattainable.  We are left wondering if God is listening, does He care, what does this mean.  During the holidays the family unit is placed with high expectations on gathering and making memories.  It’s an opportunity to take time out of the normal schedule to visit with loved ones.  Difficulties arise