Determine The Enemy

Most of us live in the land of plenty. Chances are those reading this post also come from the land of plenty. Is that why we have an obesity epidemic? Why Type 2 diabetes is on the rise?  Why disease diagnosis in young children are more than ever?

Years ago...I mean even 60 years ago, our grandparents farmed and worked labor jobs. Of course, there were those who went to work in factories, offices and such. But they ate food that was grown locally or in their own back yards. Then things drastically changed during the course of least with food.  We began to purchase our food already made. It came pre-packaged. Wow!  All we had to do was heat it in the oven. Then came microwaves!  This way of cooking food was even better!

Or was it?

What is in that product that was purchased with your hard earned money?  What is going into your mouth or your family's mouths?  Honestly, I can make out some of the words in the ingredient list, but not all of them. We are now purchasing products of food science. Manufactures hire scientists to make food that we will lie!

Change the brain!

Not long ago, I attended a class on food addiction. Apparently, our brains go crazy for certain types of foods. The dopamine receptors in the brain light up and we feel least for a while. So what are these foods our brain wants and craves? Highly addictive foods are those processed foods created by manufacturers which contain sugar (high fructose corn syrup), salt, and fat. We wage ourselves in battle each time we give into food science. You see, we used to eat foods that were grown ON a plant, now we eat foods that were made IN a plant.  Know your enemy.  Change your brain!  Addiction to food is harder because it's all around us.  We socialize with food, watch television with food, and it's a legal purchase everywhere!  Commercials tell us we will be happier, more loving, smarter.....they don't tell us we are putting ourselves at risk for disease.

My addiction is sugar. What's yours?

Health-bite: find your enemy

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