What Are We Having For Dinner?

The most difficult part of cooking is coming up with the menu!  Some weeks I feel like I make the same stuff.  Food becomes boring and I loose my enthusiasm for cooking. Sometimes I poll the audience for ideas.  Most of the time I get, "I don't care," or worse, "Pizza!" That's when I pour a glass of wine or cup of coffee and look through the cook books. Just like most cooks, I have a select few that are my "go tos."  If your family is like mine, we all have different favorites and types of food we like and those not so much.  It can be frustrating to please all the eaters.  Be inspired to choose foods that are low in fat calories and full of spices and flavors.  Try something new...be creative and "sell" the idea to the family that you are making some wonderful new foods and you are excited for them to try these creations.

There are many wonderful online recipe sites. What I most like are ones in which readers can offer reviews and tips that work. One of my favorite sites is allrecipes.com.  This site offers tips, menu ideas, and even recipes for a wide range of categories. You can even sign up for emails to get a recipe of the day.

Keep in mind the number of calories consumed during the day matters.  Eating a big breakfast yields a smaller lunch and supper. Depending on each one's goals, the number of calories consumed will vary.  On busy days it's easy to blow the calorie budget.  Plan accordingly by doubling recipes and freezing one for another time.  One of my family's favorite quick meal is taco salad.

  • simply place tortilla chips in individual bowls
  • add chopped lettuce
  • scoop on 1/4 cup canned refried black beans or Quiona Black Bean Salad
  • add onion, olives, avocado, salsa, chopped tomatoes
  • use plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream
  • sprinkle lightly with cheese
  • Enjoy!

Health-bite:  have a planned menu