An Unexpected Meeting


“Come to me and I will give you rest—all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke.” Matthew 11:28

We were running a little late to the appointment.  As usual, I was up early (I'm an early riser by nature) and was trying to get more things accomplished than I should have. Whoa!  Look at the time, gotta go!

These appointments usually take most of the day. Blood work, speaking with the doctor, then IV chemotherapy.  A packed bag includes water, snacks, reading material, cards to write, and of course our necessary electronics. Enough stuff to try and pass the time, yet trying to be fruitful.

With a 9:00 doctor appointment, we well expected to be able to get home at a decent hour. Maybe in time to cook a good supper, although I did put some beans in the crock pot, just in case. Not long after checking in, a man came over and introduced himself as a volunteer chaplain.

He told us he normally doesn't visit in the cancer center, but today, he was. My husband, the conditioned catholic he was, began an almost confession proclaiming Jesus as his Savior. Archie, as we introduced ourselves, smiled and told him he just came over to say hello.

Now normally, there is maybe a 10 minute wait before the appointment is set in motion, however, this day was different. Other patients came in and were taken back.  Meanwhile, Joe and Archie talked about football, work, faith, and life.  Normally, Joe would be antsy about why it was talking so long to get started, but I was the one wondering and, admittedly, growing a bit impatient.  After 45 minutes, I finally asked what was going on.  As it turned out, Joe wasn't on the schedule to see the doctor that day. He was on the chemo schedule, but not to worry, they were working him in.

Surprisingly, Joe was at ease with sitting and waiting.  As all three of us sat there, sharing life stories, it became evident this was no chance meeting.  God was visiting the cancer center in the form of a volunteer chaplain, named Archie, who was bringing hope, reassurance, and love to his people.  Christ continues to carry us through difficult times, and we rest in His arms knowing how deep his love is for us.

“For God sometimes uses sorrow in our lives to help us turn away from sin and seek eternal life.” 2 Corithnians 7:10

God loves to give surprises. He has given me some really wonderful ones in my life. You see, we had a 9:00 appointment with Archie, who was sent from God.  He is on time, never late, bringing peace, reassurance, and love. As we were about to leave to see the doctor, Archie told us that God wanted us to know He loves us.  Joe and I got a hug from God and it felt great!

Health-bite: rest in the arms of Jesus who will carry you