The Weakest Link

What is the stumbling block that gets in the way of the goal plan?  Everyone has failures from time to time.  In the dental office, patients say they floss every day for about two weeks after their cleaning....then, something happens. After a medical diagnosis, patients get really interested in doing what it takes to counteract the problem...then something happens.  Goals come and go.  Why can't they come and stay? Why can't people stay on track?

Proper planning may be the key.  What gets measured, gets done!  Make a plan for success. Make goals that are achievable.  Leave daily reminders if necessary.  There are plenty of apps for phones to help with encouragement and reminders to help stay on track.

  • Getting too hungry may be a weak point in which grabbing anything and everything may be a stumbling block.  Counteract by taking along some healthy snacks and drink lots of water. Many times thirst makes one feel stay hydrated.  Keeping healthy foods on hand in the refrigerator can help with healthy choices.  Keep some fresh cut veggies and hummus, quinoa and garbanzo bean salad, quinoa and black bean salad, or fresh fruit on hand when those munchies seem too big to handle!
  • Some days exercising seems like too much. Maybe being overly tired is the weak point.  Getting enough sleep is essential in staying healthy.  The body has a chance to heal during periods of sleep and rest.  Over and over again, studies show the benefits of sleep, so don't deprive the body of what it needs.  Getting enough rest will allow for exercise and exercise will help boost the body's energy levels.
  • Perhaps the stumbling block takes the form of another person.  Often the people in the circle of life, create a weak point in the goal.  The greatest influence and impact in life are the people in them. Surrounded by like-minded, goal-oriented people will help create an environment suitable to accomplish the tasks.

Health-bite: discover and strengthen the weakest link