Working In The Work Out


Finding it difficult to work in a work out? Schedules are tight and family demands don't always allow for getting a decent work out in.  Not to worry, there's hope.  During the day, take time to stretch.  Stand up, take a deep breath and reach for the ceiling.  Clasp fingers together and gently bend backward, exhale and release the tension that's been building for the last few hours.  Unclasp the fingers bringing shoulder blades together gradually bringing elbows down to the side.  Ahhhh, that feels good.  Here's another stretch...while in the seated position, lift arms overhead and bend touching elbows.  Gently rock side to side releasing tension.  It's amazing how a few little stretches throughout the day will benefit the body.  Tension adds muscle tightness, which leads to aches and pains.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep muscles refreshed and toxins moving through the body.

A number of sites provide easy to do exercises with videos. Listed here are two ways to work in that work out throughout the day.  The 28-day squat challenge and  5 bodyweight moves don't require anything but a few moments of time and a willingness to live better and stronger. There is no special workout equipment or expensive club memberships to purchase.  It truly is amazing how strong the body can be and how amazing it can look and feel with some effort.  Be takes time.

Health-bite: work in a few daily moves