Where's The Charcoal?

The first thing I think of, when I hear the word charcoal, is hamburgers and hot dogs.  In the summer, the potent smell can make one's mouth start to water! I had never heard of activated charcoal until I read it in Rachel Weaver's book, "Be Your Own Doctor."  Apparently, it's really good for belly aches, poisons, infections, and other things.  Alternative medicine is something I'm unfamilair with.  I take my vitamins, use essential oils occasionally, but to really try and heal something myself seems too good to be true. It's scary actually, largely due to it not being "main stream."  What if I add too much or not enough of something.  I just don't know.

So I took a chance and ordered activated charcoal off of Amazon.com.  The book said it was good to have in the household "just in case."  Okay, I'll bite.  My shipment came two days ago.  I had it sitting on the counter and wondered, where am I going to keep this?

Yesterday, our family went out to eat to celebrate a birthday.  One of us ate too much fried food, mashed potatoes, rolls, and cookies.  Top it off with chemo pills and tummy is upset!

Now normally, our household is up at least until 10:00 - 10:30 each night, but  this night, someone was feeling sick.  I mean really sick.  Pancreatitis is quite painful.  After stirring back and forth, lying down and not being able get comfortable, I remembered this book I had recently purchased.

Looking through the table of contents, I found a page about charcoal and how charcoal water can settle the stomach.  So I mixed it up.  Waited the required 30 minutes and presented it to the patient.

The patient was not thrilled looking at this glass of grey/black water.  Frankly, I'd be wary of me too!  I don't know about this either.  I did take a sip so I could sell it and how it tastes so good.  Actually, it tastes just like water.  Reluctantly, the patient took a couple of sips, laid down and went fast to sleep.

The next morning, there were no signs or symptoms of the previous night.  The pain was gone in just a few moments and we were able to sleep through the night.  I'm liking this stuff!

Recipe: mix 1/4 cup activated charcoal to 2 quarts water; cap the jar and mix well, wait 30 minutes, pour into a glass. Drink as much as needed during the day.  Refill the jar as often as you wish until all the charcoal is used up.

Health-bite: charcoal water for stomach upset/nausea