Tongue Damage

“So also the tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do.” James 3:5

How profound is the statement above.  There are many passages in the Bible referencing the tongue.  Some that speak of praise, but many others referencing hurt and lies.  It's such a small thing, but can leave such huge scars.  We praise with it, speak sweet, loving words with it.  Yet, also use it to curse and destroy.

Its use is necessary for eating and speaking.  The tongue is necessary in our health too.  It moves foods around to aid chewing.  Moving foods down to our stomach for digestion, the tongue is a necessary muscle, yet we seldom think of the tongue day to day.

When brushing the teeth, brushing the tongue is also essential.  Eighty percent of bacteria live on top of the tongue.  Even doing a stellar job brushing and flossing will not eliminate the majority of bacteria unless the tongue is cleaned too.  I personally like tongue scrapers. It can feel strange at first, even gaggy; but with time, the tongue will get used to it.  Even being able to place it back further that before.

Cleaning the tongue will freshen breath and improve overall oral health.  So now that we have the tongue clean and fresh, how will you manage your tongue today?  Will you help others with kind words?  Lift someone up that is feeling down?  Praise your neighbor for a job well done? Say, "Hello" to a stranger?

The tongue is both a weapon.  Yielding in anger and hurt destroying relationships and leaving scars that can be felt for a lifetime.  The tongue is also a comfort.  Building up others with sweet, soft words of praise.  Practice love, practice patience, practice restraint, practice contentment.....practice happiness.  It's a choice.  You are who you choose to be.

Health-bite: keep the tongue clean in all ways