Work Night Menu

During the work week, it's difficult to find time to cook.  I've said for years, my second job starts once I'm home and walk through the door.  Nowadays, in many households, both husband and wife help out with meals, but at my house, that still falls to me.  Some days, I poll the audience (my co-workers and patients) as to what they are making or having for supper.  At times, I just run out of ideas or feel like I'm cooking the same stuff week after week....boring.

So what is a busy person going to do?  With a little planning and prep work, preparing delicious, wholesome meals for your family will be easier.  The great thing about cooking from scratch, is you can add or take away ingredients your family doesn't like.  Planning ahead will help save time by prepping vegetables ahead of time and preparing salads like the Quinoa Black Bean Salad listed below, prior to use.

Here is a typical work-week menu for my family.  Once the list is created, I pick and choose which days work best for preparation or what seems appetizing.

Chop vegetables for roasting, if not done at the beginning of the week, and place in the oven as directed. Meanwhile, prepare salmon cakes. While vegetables are roasting and fish is cooking, prepare salad and slice bread.

Start rice for main dish. Prepare spring rolls as directed and set aside.  I place lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers in my spring rolls. Think of them as a salad in a wrapper.  Proceed to fried rice recipe.

Chop lettuce (enough for 1 cup each) and set aside.  Dice tomatoes and onions and set aside.  In individual bowls, place tortilla chips, 1 cup lettuce, 1/2 cup quinoa black bean mixture, tomatoes, onions, prepared salsa, and cheese. 

Scrub potatoes, place in the oven and bake at 400 degrees for 60 minutes.  Prepare chili as directed.  While chili is cooking, cut broccoli and prepare to steam.  Steam broccoli 10 minutes prior to serving.  Do not overcook. Slice potato open and fill with chili, steamed broccoli, and cheese.