Liquid Aminos


Once upon a time, my mom gave me something called liquid aminos.  She told me it was better to use than soy sauce.  I'm sure I tried it, but for some reason, I wasn't ready to really use it.  It's strange now, thinking back about why I really wasn't interested.  I just wasn't ready.  Do you remember something you were told before, maybe ignored, and now wonder why you didn't act on the advice? There have been times when I told my children something and they gave me that look that says, "You don't know what you are talking about."  You know that look, right? However, when someone else gives the same advice, for some reason it is received better.  Maybe the first time hearing something plants the seed, then it just has to sprout and grow. So when I heard it again, I thought, "Oh, yeah, I know about that!" I'm guessing I just wasn't able to appreciate the advice (sorry mom).

Since I'm a relatively new vegetarian, I'm trying to eat smart and not just carb out, which is what I did in the beginning.  I think it's funny that the first thing people ask when I tell them I'm a vegetarian is, "What about your protein?"  or "You need protein!" Let me tell you, I usually exceed my daily protein. It's really easy to get enough in a day.  Most Americans consume too many grams of protein, which can lead to health issues like obesity, heart and kidney disease, just to name a few.  We, as Americans, are so fortunate to live in a country where food is plentiful, unlike other countries, where meat is scarce. As a result, we all tend to overindulge.

So let me introduce you to liquid aminos.  This product is a better choice and wonderful replacement for traditional soy sauce.  Let's compare and contrast:

Serving size: 1 TBSP
Both have 0g fat and cholesterol
Liquid Aminos 320 mg per serving
Soy Sauce 920 mg per serving
Total Carb.                  
Liquid Aminos 300 mg per serving
Soy Sauce 1000 mg per serving
Liquid Aminos 930 mg per serving
Soy Sauce 1000 mg per serving

So why liquid aminos? According to the package, there are 16 essential and non-essential amino acids that naturally occur without fermentation. The soy sauce offers no health benefits on their label, but does list six ingredients: water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, corn syrup, carmel color, potassium sorbate.  With two ingredients in their list: vegetable protein from soybeans and purified water, liquid aminos is the winner! Especially since there is no added sugars!!! This product can be purchased at a health food store or on-line.

Health-bite: liquid aminos the better choice over soy sauce