Defining Healthy


How do you define healthy? Not every one views health or healthy in same way. Health is defined as: thegeneralconditionofthebodyormindwithreferencetosoundnessandvigor, soundnessofbodyormind;freedomfromdiseaseorailment.  Is this you?  Are you free of disease or ailments? Is an achy back or sore shoulder health? Not according to this definition. The more I think about this definition, the more I realize I don't know many people at all that are actually healthy.

Being healthy is not the same as living healthy. We are all so different in the way our body works with metabolism and immunity. One person seemingly can eat whatever "junk food" they want to and never gain a pound, while someone else gains with every bite. While there are many genetics that play a part in how we fight disease, it's important to realize our bodies need an adequate amount of certain vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle takes practice. It takes a strong desire and will to accomplish good habits daily to live out those goals. It's also important to lay out a plan for yourself. I love the Fitness Pal app that truly helps you stay on task. It monitors calories, nutrition, and exercise and will help you meet your goals.

So why work so hard to live healthy? There's no guarantee that we will be disease free. Why not just do what we want, enjoy what we want for as long as we can? Our western culture is very use to things done quickly...and why wait? We have fast food, diet pills, and ready made foods. If you have a problem, don't worry, there's a pill for that. Just keep doing what you want to do. Besides, everyone's going to die one day, right? Yes, that is right. One day we will die. So how do you want to live in the meantime? Not everyone will die quickly. As a matter of fact, most suffer prior to death. Many suffer as they try to hold on to life. Everyday choices bring everyday results. Over time, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved. So how do you define health? Is it giving up sodas? Maybe it's not eating fast food.

We allow our addictive brains to steer us wrong. It's so much easier to give into cravings instead of fighting them off, and the food industry is not on our side when it comes to living healthy. Packed full of ingredients no one can pronounce, full of fat, sugar and salt. Our bodies crave those foods that stimulate our brains making us feel least for a little while. I encourage you to make a step. Step out of your comfort zone and go out beyond your boarders. Make a promise to yourself to stick to your goals to live a healthy lifestyle. You won't be sorry.

health-bite: choose a lifestyle worth living