Time Away

"Everybody needs a little time away...." as the song goes. So true. How on earth did pioneer women do it? There was no grocery store, microwave, washer/dryer, or vacuum cleaner. I'm imagining they were responsible for caring for the children, household, meals, and probably fighting off an Indian or two. Now that's work!.

In comparison, my life should be easier, and in many ways it is. While I do enjoy modern conveniences, I think in general, American women are overbooked. Knowing the washer and dryer will take care of those chores, we can schedule something else in that space, like going to work, pay bills, washing the dog..... Since fast food is easy to pick up, we can schedule something in the time it would normally need to prepare nutritious foods, like taking the kids to practice or games. I think we are probably busiernow than our pioneer sisters. Why else would we need a vacation?

With the demands of work life, home life, and personal life, it's easy to get run down. Carving out a time each day can help. Each morning, I rise in anticipation for my quiet time. It's a time when everyone else in the house is sleeping (except the dogs who will cuddle up beside me in my chair.) I make coffee, grab my IPad and read my devotions. This quiet time is an essential part of my day. My Type A personallity doesn't sit still very well and it's something I struggle with. Having made this my morning a routine, I can start my day with a clearer mind and a focus on what lies ahead.

Some families take an annual vacation. Vacation is an opportunity to break the cycle of busyness, relax and enjoy a change of scenery. Since my family lives on the east coast, many folks head to the beaches. Water is theraputic. The sound of crashing waves and salt air will restore anyone's worst day.  On the other hand, a mountain vacation can also be a rewarding way to enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. Vacations are an opportunity to reconnect as a family, share stories, and make new memories. It's also a time to laugh and be completely goofy. Even if a get-a-way is not fesible this year, take time to "unplug" and spend time as a family. Plan a weekend with no plans. Break out the board games, cook together, play a round of badmitten.  The idea is to reconnect. Talk to each other. Love one another.  No matter where you go to get away, even if it's in the back yard, take time to take a break from the busyness of life and rejuvenate. Your family will appreicate the break too!

health-bite: take time to recharge