How You Should Spend The First 5-Minutes Of Your Day

A number of years ago, my family joined a health club. It was there that I was turned on to yoga and it's benefits. As a novice, I was unable to articulate the exact poses, but over time I gained flexibility. My yoga practice has slacked off a bit since dropping the membership, but every now and then, I'll whip out that mat and practice some yoga moves. So what's the benefits?

During the meditation portion, I pray to my Lord and breathe, relax, focus. The stretches are different each day. Some days I can bend easier than another. At the end, though, I feel good. Stretching those muscles will help reduce pain and fatigue during the work day. Balance and flexibilty decrease as we age, which leads to injuries. Just taking a few minutes each day can be so beneficial. Like everyone else, however, I can give myself some great excuses why I can't practice yoga today. I'm tired, cold, too many things to do. Let's face it, though, we really have time for the things we want to do. Recently, I read an article about incorporating yoga into the daily routine. Here are some tips I learned, which will help us all.

 Place your mat beside your bed

Place your mat beside your bed. It will be the first thing you feel when you get up. That way you are reminded of your goal to practice yoga. If space is a challenge, place your mat in the walkway to the coffee pot. Either way, walking across the mat and seeing the mat will remind you of your practice goals.

Break the yoga rules

Yes, you can wear socks on your mat if your feet are cold. Remember you are trying to just get started. After a few poses, though, I'll bet those socks come off.

Wear yoga friendly PJs

If you have to change your clothes, you're not going to practice, especially if you are cold. Try to find some comfortable clothes that will be comfortable for sleeping but not too loose for yoga.

Try Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a series of stretches that will encouarge flexibility and the feeling of well being. It will help with tension as well the strength. It can also provide relaxation and peace as you begin your day.

Child's pose

If nothing else, just do child's pose. This pose, as simple as it is, stretches hips, quads, and lower back. It's the easiest pose in yoga, yet provides so much.

Even if you only have 5 minutes, stretch your sleepy muscles. Tension, stress, and a variety of activities await you. Take time now to honor your body, mind, and soul.

health-bite: start the morning with yoga