Don't Exercise Like This....

Have you ever watched a hamster play with their favorite toy? That wheel is very entertaining and yet, the hamster doesn’t seem to tire. Over and over again, the hamster spins around as if it’s seen a ghost and can’t get away fast enough! It doesn’t seem to care that it’s not going anywhere. If only we could be as satisfied, but we are humans, not a hamster.

Sometimes, our lives can mimic this same past time. We don’t mean to, but we, like the hamster, start spinning in circles. We just think we are going somewhere, but guess what? We get caught in a cycle we want to climb out of, but our wheel is going so fast, we are afraid to jump off. Over and over again, we keep doing the same things hoping for a different outcome. Guess what? That is the definition of insanity. When the same action is taken over and over and expecting a different answer, that’s the hamster wheel.

Are you on a cycle of insanity? Spinning around and not going anywhere? It happens to everyone at some point. Just don't stay there! Get off...quick! For some, the wheel is our job that is not satisfying and a manager that is “out to get you.” Maybe it’s an attitude of behavior that make’s you feel like “nobody cares.” It can be any number of things that keep you on that wheel.

If you are tired of going no where, or have a friend or family member who is on the wheel, it’s time to get off! It comes down to a state of mind over matter. So many times, we try to fix the other person, when it’s us that needs fixing. How we respond to the situation is vital to its outcome. Is the person you are conversing with angry? If you follow the course, you’ll be angry too. Is that what you want? Responding with compassion, love, and understanding will allow a different type of outcome. Is your manager unreasonable? Maybe there is something going on you are unaware of. Having the courage to respond differently with humble humility may make work life better.

Behaviors are engrained in us. We have been practicing them for a long time. They are who we have become and the cycles are not easily broken. It will take a conscience effort and a friend to help keep you on track along the way. If you are on the hamster wheel, ask a good, honest friend to help you get off. Make a plan of action and discuss it with your friend. Be prepared. Accountability for our actions is a successful way to be free. Meet regularly in person or a phone call to discuss success and failures with your friend. It’s important to keep the objective in the forefront so you will be prepared when the “wheel’ shows up again. Life is too short to spin on a wheel. Get off and start living a happy life!

What experiences have you had with the hamster wheel?