How much does your debt weight?

Saving money…no one wants to spend more than necessary. Don’t we want the best deal, sale or bargain? The bible teaches us to be good stewards of our money; yet, many of us were never taught how to be good stewards.  Many parents don’t teach their children about the responsibilities of money.  My parents gave me an allowance, so I learned to save money to buy things, but never how to invest it or why I should save it.  Money can also create conflict between couples when one is a “spender” and the other is a “saver.”  Money can make us a prisoner or it can be freeing.

Recently, Dave Ramsey has become a household name.  He was introduced to me initially by one of my daughter’s friends.  Now his pod casts are playing frequently in the background. I like his no nonsense approach to debt.  Like so many Americans, I was told to get a job, get a house and make a life.  That's what we did, but not really in our budget.  We took out a mortgage, auto loans, and credit cards.  Pretty soon, we had the American dream…..debt! It’s a snowball that difficult to get out of.

Compounded by the extravagant life we want others to see, the debt cycle continues. There’s no way to catch up unless we “cease fire” on the current lifestyle and live simply. Simply doesn’t mean poor, it means not being entertained every weekend by dining out or going to the movies. It means cooking and eating at home at every meal.   It could mean you are boring for a while. Wouldn’t it feel so free to not have debt…including a mortgage? What a weight that would be lifted?

Living debt free will give the opportunity to give to others freely and bless them with the abundance that God so wants. If you are interested in learning more about being debt free, I invite you to check out Dave Ramsey. His Christian view on money is spot on.

Health-bite: become debt-free