Chemotherapy Drugs Exposed


Do chemotherapy drugs work? I guess that depends on how one describes work. The first line against cancer is usually surgery (if possible) followed by chemotherapy agents. Chemotherapy agents is a complex concoction of drugs that are toxic to all cells, healthy and cancerous. It is typically administered through an IV, but oral medication can also be prescribed in addition to or in place of IV drugs. Those mixing and handling these drugs must wear hazmat suits that protect them from these harmful chemicals. Oral medications come in a plastic bag with a hazmat symbol on the package. It seems counter productive to give a sick person poison, yet in centers all over the country volunteers line up for their therapy in hopes to gain a longer life. How did all of this come about?

In Italy autopsies were completed on soldiers exposed to mustard gas during World War I. What was discovered was those exposed to this toxic gas had lower leukocytes. It was then theorized that using this type of chemical could benefit those with leukemia or lymphoma. Thus, chemotherapy agents were born. Since that time, more and more money has been funded to the development of chemotherapy drugs in the hopes to cure cancer. At least that's what we are lead to believe.

Chemotherapy agents target daughter cells of the tumor, but not the stem cell that is the main source of the disease. As the daughter cells die off, the tumor shrinks, but the stem cell is still alive. Typically, when it comes back, it will be more aggressive and likely will have metastasized. I wonder how many patients know this information? Cancer treatment is a lucrative business. What's more, remember those hazmat signs I talked about earlier? The reason they are required is that these drugs cause cancer! That's right! The same drugs administered to kill cancer also causes cancer. Ever wonder why cancer comes back? Not only is it ineffective in killing cancer, it also causes cancer to occur.

It's the only medicine recommended by doctors when a patient is diagnosed with cancer. The medical community offers NO other means of treatment. This standard of care leaves cancer victims looking like WWII concentration camp prisoners, and we accept it! Chemotherapy is ugly. It rips away lean muscle, taxes major organs, and leaves the patient close to death. Sadly, more patients die of complications from the chemotherapy agents than from the cancer itself. Is this really all there is? What about building up the body with nutrition and natural ways instead of mustard gas?

It's difficult to make decisions that go against the normal protocols. Even people closest to those with cancer diagnosis won't understand. My husband has been taking chemotherapy drugs for nearly three years, both IV and oral medications. I know first hand the high costs of therapy and the ill effects on the body. Yet in spite of all of this, he continues to use this type of therapy. While taking chemo, he was sick, lost weight, and had very little appetite. The reason he chose this route was because he trusted that the medical community had his back. He and I think differently about his treatment, but because I love him, I have been supportive with his decisions. There is no way I would every put those chemicals into my body. It's not worth the risk to me. Chemotherapy treatments affect EVERYONE! I am helpless as he lays in bed sick and weak. We have both cried as he lay suffering. I have watched his muscles melt away leaving him skinny while his once pink and healthy flesh has turned pale and grey.

Thankfully, we have walked together with our Lord, Jesus, who has given us light and hope in this dark season. He has given us wisdom in dealing with evil for it is all around us. I know there is reason for everything, and He continues to point us in the directions He wants us to go. You can plan to hear more about this subject very soon, as I am embarking on wonderful information about the history of this highly profitable therapy that will not cure cancer.