New Ways

What if you were to learn something new that could prevent disease....would you change your habits?  What role does ease and convenience play into behavior change?  Each day, news reports suggest we add this or avoid that to stay healthy or avoid problems, yet we are still unhealthy as a nation. How often do we change our habits in light of this information?  Again, will it be an inconvenience?

Do you find disease, hospitalization, chronic illness, or pain convenient? Does spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on medical costs and prescription drugs convenient?  Are you rolling the dice that problems won't happen for you?  Chances are at some point in life there will be an "inconvenience" of disease.  We've been lied to by so many agencies and commercials about health that now we are a sick nation. Obesity is an epidemic, heart disease with all the prescription drugs taken, is still the number one killer. How can this be?

Are we on a wheel spinning around the medical world hoping to get well, only to have more prescriptions drugs given to us to take care of the side effects from the last pill?

I think medical doctors genuinely care and want to help people.  They have to be caregivers from the heart.  Doctors spend a great deal of time and money in their chosen careers.  Researching and studying to help people or even cure diseases. Yet, I wonder how many doctors become discouraged because people seem to get sicker instead of better. More tests, more drugs, and more disease.  What is the missing link?  Why aren't people, as a whole getting healthier?

Could the missing link be nutrition?  The medical community, as a whole, has little to no nutritional education.  Recently, I was talking with a PA who works with a local cardiologist, and we were having a conversation about reading and hobbies.  I revealed to her that I was reading a much as I could about healing, nutrition, and diseases.  She told me that many of her heart patients ask her what she thought they need to be eating now that they have heart disease, and what she said shocked me!  She told me she didn't know what to tell them!  She had NO, ZERO, NADA, classes on nutrition!  Does the daily dose of drugs replace a healthy diet?  It seems the doctors are saying, "Keep eating what you want, because you are taking drugs now.  No'll be fine!"

There as been repeatable scientific data that shows the reversal of heart disease through a proper diet.  Unfortunately, most people don't even know what a healthy diet looks like.  There's more to it than granola bars, yogurt, and salads with lots of dressing.  Eating a whole-plant, vegan lifestyle has been shown to greatly reduce disease and in some cases reverse disease.

The most difficult part of adapting this change in the one in the mind. Getting the mind on board and creating a discipline for a plan will take some time.  Take a 30-day challenge to give up something that could be harming your body.  Maybe its meat, dairy, or sugar.  Choose to give up only one for now.  After two weeks, you will feel different....better......healthier.  It's worth the inconvenience of a better lifestyle to avoid the inconvenience of disease.

Health-bite:  You are what you eat