Hard Wired

Why is our brain wired for negativity? I've heard before that negativity is the wrong with the human race. I believe it to be true. We tend to naturally find fault in the most simplest of things like the bread is dry or the water is too warm. Why can't we be grateful for what we have instead of picking apart the things we do have? Is each of us entitled to something more or something better? 

Maybe it's a way to build ourselves up and make others think we know something they don't. Perhaps making us seem like we have the authority over a certain topic. Negative emotions create stress and increased cortisol that can lead to obesity and inflammatory markers that have been linked to many diseases. 

Even with the knowledge of this information, some people are more inclined to be negative. Can we change or is this just the way it is? It difficult to go against what is a natural tendency, and it makes one wonder why some people are optimistic and more laid back. What did they do to make the leap from that negative tendency to one of positive tendency? Here are some suggestions to break out of your negative prison:

  1. Since the brain can only have one thought at a time, focus on what can go right instead of what may go wrong. Negative thoughts are repetitive, unproductive thoughts that cause negative emotions. 
  2. Criticism of ourselves or others can be the cause of strained relationships in your life. Rather than focusing on flaws look for things you admire or enjoy about yourself or those around you. 
  3. Think of things you are grateful for instead of things you want or don't have. We often think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but negativity will follow you there too. Practice instead the blessings in life and being thankful for things money can't buy.
  4. Humble yourself to others and give to them, especially to those who can never repay your generosity. There is such joy in seeing others benefit from a kind gesture we can provide. Those done in secrete are even better. The giver is always blessed more than the receiver. 
  5. Don't forget to laugh. Laughter is medicine that can cure anything! Watch a comedy movie or go out with friends who are a positive influence.

Practicing each day, you too, can become a positive thinker. Be patient and give yourself grace. You won't win the marathon unless you condition, practice, and work hard. So just how bad do you want it?

Health bite: Look for the good and it shall come