Meal Prep Once, Eat All Week

I have the luxury of having weekends off. Not everyone does, but even if your weekend is on a Tuesday, this could be your opportunity to plan for the up coming week. Often times, we get into trouble with the failure to plan ahead. That being said, food choices in that hurry and hungry moment are often poor and don't promote health. 

Having a plan in place when coming home will help make these choices more ideal. So where do you start? First, plan a few meals you think may sound good. Soups, casseroles, and salads are an easy choice. Go through some cook books or check online resources. There are many to choose from these days. Next make a list of ingredients you will need to purchase ahead of time. Plan to pick those up after work so you don't have to spend your day off at the grocery store and are then too tired to prepare your meals. 

It's a great feeling to be ahead of the game and a plan for success in place. The left overs can be used for lunches the next day or can be frozen for another time. 

Here's what I managed to complete in the 1.5 hours I had to meal plan: 

Enchilada Casserole

Penne Pasta

Once they are prepped, I place them in the refrigerator and will bake or heat up on the day I plan to consume it. Since I don't cook for a family anymore, these three items will last me all week and then some. 

Cooking at home is both fun and rewarding. Not only will it save you money by not eating out, it could also save your health. You have the choice to prepare healthy and delicious foods that promote health and wellness. Have fun!

Health bite: Meal prepping is worth the effort