There is no such thing as having too many friends. Friends are people who come along in life just at the right time. They are there during the good times and bad times. Friends love and support us when we are grumpy and are difficult to be around. We laugh, cry, share heartaches and joys, or just sit in silence with us. Friends are a necessary part of life. I don’t think it’s good to be alone for long periods of time. I often think if each of us has just one good friend we can tell all our secrets to, we wouldn’t need counselors.

For me, my ability to keep up with friends was difficult during periods of time when the family was young and growing up. I have been guilty with not carving out time to connect with friends and found that excuses and busyness came easily. Work, marriage, children, and a household monopolized my time. Guilty!

Each friendship brings something different to the table. For me, I have friends that I can shop with, others that enjoy going out to eat, and there are those that seem to know intuitively that something is wrong and won’t let up until the beans are spilled. I have friends I can share my deepest secrets with while others I can share spiritual experiences with. Depending on the circumstances going on in life depends on the person I choose to contact. We are a body of people, and we all need support.

Family is family and that bond needs attention. We can not choose our family, but we get to choose our friends. Those relationships, even when time and distance is between them, can catch up so quickly. Is that how it is with you? I can be months or years since the last heart-to-heart, yet in an instance, that bond that was created years ago, quickly appears. 

There are times when I think I’m bothering my girl friends by asking them to get together, but I have found they really need me as much as I need them. It’s good to get away from the normal routines and just talk as men or women. There are subjects that only a person with the same gender can understand.  I’m not pretending to know what guys need, because I don’t. I do know they need guy friends just as much as gals need gal friends. Even when life is busy, take time to get together with your friends. They miss you!

Health bite: Friends are a necessary part of our social balance