Pollution : Causes, Types, Effects and Solution

Causes, Types, Effects and Solution
Causes, Types, Effects and Solution of Pollution

In the past few decades, the rapidly growing pollution has started questioning the existence of life in the future. Due to pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day.

There are many holes in the ozone layer. Animals and animals are dying in rivers and oceans. The weather in many countries is changing.

Sometimes there is uneven rain and there is absolutely no rain. The snow of poles is melting, the country and the cities on the shores of the sea have increased their risk of drowning. Glaciers of the Himalayas are melting.

Which have the possibility of extinction of river like Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra. If we are not aware of our time, then our future is going to be very frightening. Let us know about the causes associated with pollution, problems and solutions.

What is Pollution | Definition and Meaning of Pollution

The environment is made up of two words from the cover and the cover, which means that whatever surroundings, situations or powers exist around us, they affect human activities and ensure the scope for it. This radius is called environment.

In other words, pollution is a new and most modern problem or curse which is the result of our science and meaning that the environment and atmosphere become contaminated or poisonous, in which we live and breathe.

Five elements of nature are water, fire, air, sky and earth are integral parts of the environment which are deeply interrelated. The imbalance of any one of these five elements is irreconcilable, destructive and destructive to the environment.

If seen, the environment can be divided into two main components. The first biological biotic in which all types of organisms and vegetation (from one cellular to complex cellular) to the other type of components are physical, ie, abiotic, which includes the thalamand, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
Types of Pollution in Hindi | Types of pollution

Pollution can generally be divided into two sections –

1. Physical pollution or environmental pollution: – Deficiency of the physical components of the environment due to human activities – physical pollution or environmental pollution is called. These are of four types – water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution

2. Social Pollution: – Social pollution is caused by physical or social causes and it also has four types – population, cultural pollution, social and educational backwardness, crime, quarrels – friction, theft, robbery etc., economic pollution such as poverty social Contains pollution.

Causes of Pollution in Hindi | Due to pollution

The increasing pressure of the population, the progress of modern industrialization, and due to this, the number of flora and fauna and the decrease in species from day to day has given rise to the ecological system imbalance. Which are the main reasons for pollution. We will learn mainly about the effects and prevention associated with physical pollution here.

Water Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution in Hindi

The presence of an external substance in water, which changes the natural properties of water in such a way that the water becomes harmful to health or its usefulness becomes less water pollution.

In other words, such water is harmful and damages to public health or public safety or to domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural or other medical use or to the health and livelihood of animals or plants or to aquatic life, is called water pollution. .

Water Pollution Causes in Hindi | Due to water pollution

i) Humans bathing in rivers, washing clothes, washing animals, excreta of stool etc.

ii) There is no proper management of cleaning and sewer.

iii) Diversion of waste and dirty water by rivers and canals in various industrial units.

iv) Immersion in the nearby water source of every household material used in the rivers following litter, man-Morten and traditional practices.

v) Dissolving toxic chemicals and fertilizers in water used in agriculture.

Water Pollution Effects in Hindi | The ill effects of water pollution

i) Falling water level

ii) Due to drinking contaminated water, various types of diseases arise in humans. Such as typhoid, jaundice, cholera, gastric etc.

iii) Drinking water decreases, because rivers, canals and even water within the ground are also polluted.

Water Pollution Solution in Hindi | Solution of water pollution

i) Stop factories from dissolving chemical substances in water.

ii) Do not put garbage in rivers or ponds.

iii) To use organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Avoid misuse of unnecessary water resources.

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