Yoga As A Way of Life

Yoga As A Way of Life..
The Yoga A Way of Good Life
Yoga is an art form which is great, thoughtful, and easily an individual can contract as a workout. Despite positive thoughts, yoga has a person's emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

For any person who has a passion for yoga, deep knowledge in the form of art can have a life-transforming effect on someone's psychology! You will understand and recognize Yoga in your real essence.

Yoga definitely goes beyond a series of pauses which enhances the person's flexibility while improving the currency. It is something that helps to build relationships between personal consciousness and divine consciousness.

There are some yoga formats you do not know.

Consider Ashtanga Yoga as an example. Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient practice which focuses on purifying and purifying the body. This synchronized body is achieved through breathing and movement.

Ashtanga Yoga tone the nervous system and ultimately brings someone to spiritual knowledge.

Similarly, Iyengar Yoga was created by Living Master, BKS, Iyengar. It is focused deeply on the art and science of Asana and Pranayama.

Power, coordination, better flexibility, and increased welfare are some of the major benefits of Iyengar Yoga.


One way to reach higher states of consciousness.

A very interesting word for yoga is pranayama. Let's learn more about this.

Prana refers to life force in our body. This is our vital power. Ayama refers to control. Pranayam is thus the control of breath.

With the help of pranayama, one can control life energy in the body. It ensures that you have a healthy body and mind. Great yoga master Patanjali described Pranayama as a way to reach higher states of consciousness.


Implementation of Pranayama

Kapalbhati is a yoga technique and a kind of pranayama. At first, it seems like a breathing technique, but essentially Kapalbhati has a deep meaning.

Kapalbhati is a cleaning technique that cleanses the feeling of carbon dioxide. Kapalbhati also cleanses the feeling of unrest.

This technique was invented thousands of years ago by Indian yogis. It is believed that this is a way to achieve full-body fitness. Numerous patients have benefited from making Kapalbhati a part of her daily life.

Surya Namaskar: 

Let's discuss another important word about yoga, sun salutation or sun salutation.

Surya Namaskar is an action which is done during the morning. It is a compilation of twelve poses, each easily merged into the next. Surya Namaskar can fast or it can be done gradually.

A unique feature of Surya Namaskar is, it is a complete workout for all the body. While Surya Namaskar has only 12 exercises, 288 powerful yoga poses are presented. It occurs in 12 to 15 minutes.

In one round, Surya Namaskar burns about 13.90 calories. Slowly and gradually you can increase the Surya Namaskar to 108.


When the Surya Namaskar is done slowly, the muscles are tone and made stronger. In return, Surya Namaskar brings to mind, body, and breath in harmony and allows a complete meditation experience.

If you only do some rounds of Surya Namaskar, it can be very good for the heart. If you want to do the sun salutation in the form of warmth, then you can do it fast.

When you make proximity to nature, you will find that it is a natural resource that prevents the key to eternal health and well-being. Welcome to the Goa Wellness Festival, 2018. We look forward to providing a pleasant, enlightening experience to each of our respected guests.

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