Redefining Health in the 21st Century

What we can not characterize, we can not discover; For our definition, we decide our objective. One of the most prominent fiascos of humanity is loyalty to history as a standard for the present and what is to come.

Humanity is so obliged to old contemplation to the point that thinking something new seems to be a betrayal of the legends of yesteryear. History should not be an existing condition or a basic standard for the present and the future, but a motivation for the repair of the present and the reorientation of things to come for a higher predetermination for humanity.

With regard to the achievement of health for all in the 21st century, humanity must overcome the old considerations and courses to elucidate new techniques, methodologies, belief systems and procedures to verify the health of humanity.

"The big problems we face can not be considered as a similar dimension of the reasoning we found ourselves in when we made them."

Previously, health was characterized by having both body and mind working in great demand, free of disease and torment. In the event that this affirmation has not been able to provide humanity with an understanding about the verification of the health of humanity, at that time it is convenient for humanity to carefully consider the existing conditions.

It is absolutely impossible for humanity to solve the health difficulties of the 21st century, with the exception that the value of investigating the dark. With regard to the 21st century health plan, health is characterized as an incorporated condition of being, of the elements of human life that function in a completely healthy way.

Consequently, health is not really the disappearance of torments or the physical side effects of infections and ailments. There are people without signs of agonies, disorders and diseases, but they are close to his grave.

Similarly, there are individuals who kicked the cube without having any physical manifestation of torment or disease. Despite the fact that by all accounts they were fine, however, they kicked the bucket suddenly in light of the fact that they were not healthy.

Health is substantially more than the non-appearance of torments or ailments, however, it is an incorporated condition of being with the elements of human life working in absolute integrity.

Health is an impact incorporated with a reason; which infers, health is not a fortuitous event or an unplanned event, however, it is the resulting impact of the general functioning of the elements of human life in total frankness.

Give me the opportunity to make this obvious, health is not a test that we can solve with our superficial efforts. That is the reason despite all the human efforts to achieve health, health has been an extreme test. To achieve the health of all in the 21st century, humanity must stop clowning.

We must understand that we are administering a test that, if not resolved, billions of people could be eliminated before the end of this century. For health to be achieved in the 21st century, humanity must adopt a progressive and incorporated methodology that reflects on the total person; Elements of life At this point,

I trust that we are sufficiently cultivated to realize that the person is not a creature, but a complex being with three related measures (body, soul and spirit). Any health plan that concentrates only on one element of the individual will end in disappointment. A person must enhance in his life the elements to appreciate health.

Understanding about the human being:

The individual is the most intricate species in every presence. Recently, little has been found about the person. What is present as data relating to the person is still "skeleton". The person is a world still untapped.

Oblivion about the totality and the axiom of the person is the best proof for human development and advancement. The complete understanding of the cliché of the person will be the end of human misery and disappointment.

The individual is basically a being from another world, has a spirit and lives inside a body. This statement is a fact generally accepted by all universalists and is stated in a similar way in the all-inclusive laboratory manual or the heavenly constitution.

The soul of man is the "earth" of man, with the spirit as the intermediate person between the soul of man and the body. The human soul has the study of life, which characterizes people by having an unparalleled quality on each external factor.

At the moment when this consciousness is exchanged with the human spirit and body, human invulnerability and obstruction against infections and diseases are improved. The way in which the human body is the main remarkable element of the person does not characterize the body as the only constituent of man.

Restricting the person simply to his physical body can be the most frightening mistake. People are not creatures. The most serious school error is that of ordering people and creatures in a similar meeting. This academic supervision is due to the restricted point of view on the individual.

This point of view thinks of the human body as the sole constituent of man. This academic error has created a low mentality and knowledge among people. Today, people live and continue as creatures in light of this error.
People greatly support the indistinguishable destiny of creatures. At last the day has come to kill this human numbness.

Health instead of mending

One of the mistakes that humanity has made for some centuries is to substitute health for recovery. This error has lasted for so long that, unknowingly, humanity has resorted to recovery programs for the sake of health programs.

Repairing oneself by being the constant recovery of a destroyed or unhealthy human being is not the same as health, which is a condition of total solidity (elements of life).
The substitution of health for recovery makes humanity more receptive than star dynamics. When we focus on health, we become more genial, dynamic and preventive than receptive.

Focusing on reparation means allowing the individual, as a matter of primary importance, to be assaulted by disorder and disease before seeking recovery.

While health includes professional dynamic speculation so that a person has a sound in the elements of life as a coordinated effort towards the opportunity of infections and ailments. Reparation is a recovery and a relief from agonies, but health is a condition to be.

One can be repaired today and eliminated tomorrow; however, health infers that an individual is a solid element in the elements of life. Companion, recovery in terms of health is moderately modest and here and there it is easy to stop,
however, health is a leap forward that requires a lot of attention and attention in the conditions of the elements of life.

With regard to the health plan of the 21st century, the disorder and infection are considered as a condition of the affected being, caused by an insufficiency in the condition of the elements of life.

This infers that a person is not healthy, is eliminated and infected to the extent that there is an insufficiency in their condition as elements of life. This clarifies why people in some kind of disease or external storms are incredible.

The problem is that, we think that a weakened individual must be under some kind of agony. There are individuals who look moderately well, although terribly weakened. This is because not all diseases are physical.

The bodily disorders can be analyzed effectively, however, the ailments of the spirit and the soul can not be analyzed by any medical method. In this way, for an individual to be named healthy, he must maintain a general condition of solidity in the elements of life.

The equivalent and relative work of the elements of human life in perfect concordance and solidity is the eternal access to health.

However, most of what is described as health approaches today are being merged to achieve the full state of a health approach. A recovery approach is any intermediate point, be it medical, mental or religious, in which the exterminated and the infected are foods for which help or help is given.

While a health focus is a focal point of embodied science, it is transmitted and gives a meaningful and productive understanding of the person (elements of life); In order to allow people, both in their lives, elements to always triumph over ailments and infections.

This interior should be an examination approach that dynamically explores the data and celestial knowledge, logical and astute, both academic and astute, necessary for human astonishment about disorders and diseases.
Recovery requires a medication, but health requires much more than a medication. The best interest in the recognition of health is the data.

I'm not talking about normal learning here; I am discussing scholastic, logical and divine information that contains the reality that discloses the adage of the individual (elements of life) with all its relative needs and requests.

In this way, when you find a genuine health approach, you will see a place where you discover all the art of the person, with educators and specialists who are between exhaustive, and have an uncommon understanding about the complete investigation of human presence and usefulness.

Directly, such approaches are non-existent. This is the best proof of the 21st century.

The whole world is full of recovery centers that cook and supervise the weakened and unhealthy, with no interest in their education to achieve health.

This has caused the circumstance that we have today of people always deceived and subject to drugs and other means of recovery while never graduating for health. You can ask what my suggestion is: my recommendation is that each consolidation approach consolidate your efforts to calm people who are shattered and unhealthy by teaching the general population about health sciences.

Recovery - Health = a disappointed human being, an endless subject to drugs, instead of the cliché of health.

I can not stop thinking that humanity is losing confidence in the search for health. We have been beset by various health difficulties to the point where, rather, we are contemplating how to work on variations of the norm.

The general motto in many places today is the means by which to live with AIDS, intestinal disease or some other infection.
Such an apprehensive methodology and disposition can not be remunerated with the knowledge of human triumph over diseases and ills. While looking for better routes to diminish the weakened and sick.

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